When Safe Spaces Clash



Safe Spaces are annoying. Bitching about them is too.

As a High School senior, I’ve visited tons of colleges this past year. And I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them.

For example, trimming fat off higher education and diving into knowledge sounds appealing. On the other hand, if my family and I spend $35,000 a year, you’re damn right I want something extra. I demand a decent gym and 3 meals a day!

A big chunk of your tuition goes to the atmosphere of the college. And so when I watch YouTube videos titled “Safe Space Culture” and books titled “No Campus For White Men”, I’m confused. Maybe it will come with time, but I certainly don’t feel oppressed.

According to these videos and books, I should feel scared and besieged at college. Frightened that, god forbid, they’ll come for you. And as a result, these same people teasing others for pretending their oppressed, wind up oppressed themselves.

Something funny about that.

By the way, it’s worth noting I hate safe spaces, too. They suppress discussion and pollute dialogue. In no way am I going to endorse anyone’s oppression olympics and anyone that does can piss off.

But you have to understand, as far as the internet is concerned, victims rule the world. Because of natural biases, we see victims as legends deserving of praise who dare to oppose the status quo. It’s why Milo Yiannopoulos became a household name only after we was banned on Twitter last summer.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in what we can write. Unfortunately, fear of a suppressed 1st amendment is rational. That’s not a right or left opinion. That’s a personal liberties one.

Colleges often take a lot of slack for their responsibilities and I understand why. They’re a business just like any other and need money. Appealing to younger people is a good way to achieve that. Balancing student political beliefs is a difficult tightrope to walk down.

I look forward to seeing it myself come September.


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