3 Ways To Read 10x Faster



You need to read faster.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed before, everyone has their own pace of reading. Some people read fast and some read slow. Some don’t read at all.

If you have ADD like me, you already know life can get busy sometimes. Sometimes it feels like you lack the time or motivation to lift open those pages. Sometimes distractions get the best of us. What can we do?

The question on readers mind’s is simple – how do I read faster?

Here’s 3 ways to read 10x faster.

1.) Pick up the pace.

Humans have an interesting compartment in our brains allowing us to scan over words quickly. When the first and last letters are in order, we still understand the word. For example, “It’s awseome taht we sitll udnetrnand tihs, eevn wehn the wrods are out of palce. “

We can utilize this and skip over words entirely. Words alone aren’t as important.

2.) Shut off the phone.

Shut off your phone. Put it away. Smash it with a hammer. It doesn’t matter what you do with it. The only thing that matters is that you’re not drawn back into that online world when reading. It’s not uncommon to open up a hardcover, only to find yourself watching Netflix at 2 AM. Believe me, I know better than anyone. Be the bigger person – shut off your phone.

3.) Practice Everyday

I’m going to assume that unless you’re super rich, you can’t read a book a day. There’s not enough time in a day! Luckily for us, there’s other things we can do. Start by reading 25 pages a day. A few days later, bring it up to 50. Then 75. Only stop when you run out of time.

This is because we read at the pace we’re use to reading. The only substantial way to change that pattern is by practicing.

I hope you like my list!

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