Check Out Refined Right

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Refined Right 

You already know I write about current events and business. What you might not know, is that I write for a website called RR, or ‘Refined Right’. The website has a fairly right-leaning angle but the content is pretty moderate.

We have news pieces in addition to opinionated ones.

Shifting through my previous blog posts, I was surprised to have never written about them before. The people in charge, Autumn Price and John-Pierre Maeli are incredibly generous with what they allow for content – and they’re also wicked cool people.

You can expect to find all sorts of fun and interesting news nuggets. And for the sake of connectivity, I’m inviting you to check out my articles on there as well. Subscribe to our newsletter on RR to never miss a post.

And because yesterday was 4/20, I wrote an article about pot.

So there’s that.

Find it here:


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