The Evolution of Feisty Flags

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The great thing about business is that you’re constantly failing towards success. That sums this past week up well. In the past days, I’ve spent $150 of my personal money on Google Adwords promoting flags and sold a grand total of 0. Some might consider that a failure, but I do not.

Because I put $150 towards Adwords, I have a better understanding of how the website works, along with better SEO and keywords. I couldn’t have done that without taking a little risk with my own cash.

I also learned a very valuable lesson; niches are key. Since learning about my $150 loss, I’ve changed my website to highlight historical flags. History buffs are more likely to spend more on their hobby of old flags, which is something I benefit from.

In addition to the brand change, I’ve kickstarted a second round of ads with Google Adwords, spending only $20 a day compared to my previous $50 a day. The hope being to advertise while continuing to experiment with branding.

VERY few people starting businesses will publish their failures. They’re afraid to be ridiculed for failing. That’s why I’m probably crazy for doing so. But the truth is, as long as you extract the helpfulness of each failure – you’re all set.

I’m young. I’m an 18-year-old college bound student. I can afford to take big risks because I can afford to lose. But as long as I’m winning big long term – that’s all that matters.



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