Slow Down


A new study revealing the fastest speaking states was just released and I call bullshit. After everything I’ve seen – I was unquestionably certain my state would take home the prize.

Unfortunately, Oregon was ranked 1st and my home state of Massachusetts was ranked 3rd. ONLY 3rd! Can you believe that?

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed.

Non-the-less, the common speaking trend seems to be speaking faster instead of slower, and that’s a bad thing.

Don’t be fooled. You might think speaking fast would be beneficial, which on the surface makes sense. After all, we have places to be and slowing down our pace seems counter-productive.

But keep in mind, study after study show’s that speaking slowly is great. I had no idea how many benefits slow speaking had to offer.

Benefits include:

  1. Better communication.
  2. Stronger commands.
  3. Deeper voice.

So even though I’m disappointed Massachusetts missed out on first place, maybe that’s a good thing.


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