The Case For Blind Optimism

The mind has a funny way of making mountains out of molehills.

I’ve found that 70% of the problems I have on an average day are imaginary. They don’t exist. They aren’t physical. They aren’t real.

That’s not to say every difficulty can be thought away. For example; tests have to be taken and relationships have to be tended. Many problems are indeed real. All I’m suggesting is that the majority of them aren’t.

So the question becomes, “if my mind controls that much of my life, why not take the wheel and throw the bad problems overboard?”.

And when your mindset transforms from “I have all these problems and will never succeed” into “Everything is fine and I will be okay”, two things can happen. Either A.) You’ll be fine, or B.) You won’t.

But here’s the thing; If you’re totally screwed anyways, why not highlight the best case scenario? Wouldn’t that at the very least increase your rate of happiness?

On a negative mindset you expect the worst already. Any sad person knows this. So if your mindset is positive, even in the darkest of scenarios, isn’t that a better deal?

Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m 100% positive that you’re thinking can make a big difference. Life has only supported this.





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