Betting My Life Savings on Crypto

Taking big risks isn’t my thing.

Working for minimum wage in High School, I managed to save $10,000 over 2 years.   This meant working 20 – 25 hour weeks after school. Very hard work, but the payout payed off.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my overhead covered (food, water, and housing) which meant I could afford not going broke.

After working so much, you might wonder why I’m betting so much on crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I won’t bore you with fundamentals because that’s not fun. Instead, let me tell you the future I predict with crypto-currency. You can draw your own conclusion whether I’m correct with my assumptions or if I’m a fucking idiot.


You will never drive again. Cars will be automated to the point where driving will be a hobby instead of a necessity. These cars will drive themselves and be operated using smart contracts. The ‘Uber’ model will be used but instead of driver’s reaping the benefits, individual cars will operate and compete as their own private entities.

Governments will have to scrap their tax collecting services, or unrecognizably change them. This is because very few countries will continue to use their national currencies as payment methods. Which means that things like roads, bridges, schools etc. will be funded by private corporations or by volunteer donations from the citizens of the country.

No large conflict (sponsored by nation-states) will ever happen, as inflation and tax collecting will no longer be feasible by large governments. War will be difficult to organize for a myriad of reasons. The continued trend of global interconnectedness would make large conflicts expensive and ineffective at achieving their desired goals.

Who would benefit from such a war?

Poverty rates around the world will continue to drop significantly as money becomes easier to transfer in the absence of Governments and local restriction fees.

You might be thinking this is unrealistic, but all of these predictions are simply the continuation of global trends from last 30 years.

OKAY – So why the big bet?

If this takes over the world I’ll be rich. If it doesn’t, I’m young enough where I can keep working and make businesses and etc. Either way I learn something and keep pursuing longterm goals.

The fact is: This is an opportunity I doubt I’ll ever see again in my lifetime. The era of change this will bring excites me just to think about.

Hopefully this big bet will pay off.

Or I lose everything and wind up on the street.



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