Saudi Arabia First!


We’re not the world’s police. Fighting other country’s wars lead to wasted resources, mounting debt, and dead American soldiers.

Yet, like a malignant tumor, we can’t seem to just pack up and leave the Middle East.

I was optimistic when the President announced his intent to withdraw from Syria last week. Anyone observing the abysmal results of America’s failed democratic experiments would agree that pulling out of the Syria is welcomed news.

And then a gas attack happened. So it’s suddenly our job to intervene – apparently.

Speaking of US intervention, here’s a crazy statistic: The United States has close to 200,000 troops in other countries. We have 34,000 troops  in Germany, 12,000 troops in Italy, 2,200 troops in Turkey, and more spread like butter around the globe.


What good does this do? Do we feel any safer? How do we benefit from guarding other countries who’s citizens don’t even appreciate our presents there?

Hell, even NATO (which is suppose to be our strongest multi-national defense coalition) fail to pay their fair share. Only 5 out of 28 NATO countries are paying what they’re suppose to. Totally unacceptable.

Not only are we the largest contributor to NATO, we also foot the bill for their defense.

Perhaps during the Cold War this would make sense. It certainly doesn’t in the 21st century and we have the receipts to show it.

Instead of protecting our own interests, our own borders, and our own citizens, we have to dabble in every world conflict. Dead Americans fighting proxy wars for countries who hate us.

Not only have we sacrificed American lives, we’ve also contributed the world’s largest power vacuum. We’ve destabilized Iraq and sold weapons to Saudi Arabia who routinely funds terrorist groups and murders children in Yemen.

Even if you don’t count the 180,000 dead as a result of war – what else have we gained?

Pride? Unless you count 4,486 dead Americans honorable. Money? Unless you count the 2.4 Trillion dollars in debt racked up from nation building while our own infrastructure crumbles. Respect? The world hates us.

All this said – I’m confident the president will make the right decision regarding Syria and the Middle East as a whole.

We were never meant to be there. We still aren’t meant to be there.

Stop fighting Saudi Arabia and Israel’s proxy wars.

Bring our troops home.









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