Your Taxes Are Killing Kids


The Saudi government is evil.

Saudi Arabia continues to decimate whatever is left of Yemen. Targeting everything from rebel bases to shopping centers, their government has no regard for civilian casualties. They’ve killed over 10,000 civilians so far. Their government is more concerned with an Iranian proxy war than innocent lives. And guess what? Your taxes are fucking paying for it.

I wouldn’t include “Your Taxes Are Killing Kids” as a title without meaning it. The U.S. spent 3.5 Billion dollars last year selling helicopters to the Saudis. That’s 3.5 billion dollars. In a country with failing infrastructure, crippling debt, and disastrous health care, we need to get our priorities straight. As the only real superpower left we’re put into a unique situation. I’d argue, though, that we’re not the world’s police and spending billions to bomb funerals needs to end now.

It also needs to be reiterated that without oil Saudi Arabia would be a wasteland. Natural resources are the only reason we continue to support them. They’re like the kid at school who you hung out with because they had cool tools. You didn’t actually want to be around them.

And let me ask you, did you ever hear about this on CNN? Because I didn’t. Twitter and Facebook seemed like the only outlets where you heard about this bloodshed. Total media blackout. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence. And just because there isn’t the same outcry as Sarajevo in 1992, is it moral to stand on the sidelines? No way.

The world is changing.

Russia is now our ally in combating terrorism. Saudi Arabia, long known for their oppression of women, execution of drug smugglers, lashes for adultery, and torture of gay people, can be let go. Their methods of punishment and war are barbaric. No country in the 21st century can remain idle anymore. Sorry.

I don’t see how any country can endorse this bloodshed. I’ll state again that I don’t hate the citizens of Saudi Arabia. I hate your government because they’re monsters. And until some radical social change comes about, we’re done with you.