Is Basic Income The Future?


Monthly checks of $1,000 might be what we need.

Imagine opening your mailbox and grabbing a $1,000 check, courtesy of your government. No, you’re not on welfare. No, you’re not on Social Security. You’re just an average citizen living their life.

Sign at the top and drop $1,000 into the bank. Crazy, right?

Some futurists believe it’s the future.

A mixed bag of globalization and automation mean factory and labor jobs are becoming obsolete. Which means we need a way to combat unemployment while bettering the lives of people in the 21st century.

Basic income could be that backbone to the economy we’ve been looking for.

In addition to a job, those working paycheck-to-paycheck have the luxury of escaping poverty, while remaining in the realm of capitalism. People can work to save and invest in their future – as opposed to simply survive.

What about the free market?

From a capitalist’s perspective, I know you’re thinking this won’t work. You think people will abuse the system and light their cash on fire with non-necessities.

Here’s the good news – when people have free money they buy more goods and services. Which means more money for the businessman or business owner. Which means a stronger economy.

Maybe you spend that extra $1,000 on a startup. Maybe you invest in the stock market. Maybe you buy a gift for your son’s birthday. Ultimately, you’d choose what to do with it because it would feed directly back into the economy.

Of coarse, there’s still many holes to be filled.

For example: Where will this extra income come from? Will taxes be raised? How will this affect unemployment? etc.

While there’s questions to ask, basic income would provide security to poor people, give employees negotiating power for job prospects, and decrease incentive for money fraud.

Basic income is a serious prospect and people should pay attention to it – because it may well be the future.



The Power of Positive Thinking

You’ve probably heard the importance of positive thinking before. Maybe it was at a party where you didn’t want to be present. Maybe at a rough day at work. But whenever positive thinking is brought to the forefront of conversation, everyone is suddenly a professional psychiatrist.

I’m writing this post not because I want to spout feel good nonsense. It’s because like you, I didn’t always believe in it. But the truth is, the power of positive thinking isn’t only real – it’s more real than you can imagine.

The founder of the positive thinking movement was a man called Norman Vincent Peale. He published a book in 1952 titled ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. While controversial at the time, its lessons have never been more accurate. Unfortunately, applying these lessons aren’t as easy as it might sound.

For example, you’ve already heard all the generic bullshit phrases. “think positive!” or “keep your head up!” comes to mind. And while their intentions are perfectly good, they seldom change our mood. How can we practice positive thinking in our own lives?

Recently there’s been somewhat of a breakthrough of research on this topic. It’s important to note that it’s 100% science. There’s no ancient mysticism in anything related to positive thinking.

I want to share with an ABC article I found recently that delves deeper into positive thinking than I can hear. That being said, I’m a firm believer in affirmations and am inspired by Mr. Peale’s work. I invite you to research positive thinking and come to your own consensus.


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Why You Need A Blender


I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks by drinking smoothies.

It’s not uncommon for me to have nothing but a smoothie for breakfast and be satisfied until dinner. I’m being totally serious.

In our busy lives, blenders are the best thing you can buy. And for good reason too – blenders make mundane food fun and healthy. Too often we forget we’re eating garbage. We forget just how often “healthy food” can taste amazing.

Wouldn’t it be great if  “healthy food” could taste better than junk food?

That is why you need a blender. Not just for health benefits, numerous as they are; they automatically make food taste better. That’s an enormous upside.

While everyone’s raging about some secret diet or exercise, I’m enjoying my apple-ginger smoothie. I might even make myself another. It doesn’t matter how many I drink because they’re healthy.


What about diets? Don’t diets work?

Diets are stupid. That’s because science tells us willpower, much like energy, only exists in small amounts. It’s a finite resource we need to preserve. Why waste willpower?

If you spend all day fighting back the urge to eat chocolate cake, you’ll eventually cave. If you want to consume something bad for you, you’ll always find a way.

Slice that urge out of your life. It’s just unhealthy.

With blenders, we need not worry about willpower – everything is convenient and easy.

Today as I’m writing this article, I’m spread out on my couch slugging back a concoction of yogurt, bananas, and fruits I picked up at random from my grocery store.

It tastes fantastic.

I’ll include the cheapest blender I can find down below. Don’t spend more than you need to, but for your own sake – buy it. You won’t regret it. I promise.


Does Blogging Make Me Evil?


Blogs destroy lives.

Does that make me evil for blogging?

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I blog often. What you might not know is bloggers are some of the best and worst people ever.

On one hand, they’re authentic reporters dedicated to facts and honest news. On the other hand, they’re greedy click-whores desperately generating traffic through demeaning headlines.

In other words, clicks come first and consequences come second. And as a result of controversial headlines, people’s reputations can be decimated. Which means that simply adding a HEADLINE can bring down anyone. That’s a lot of responsibility and I’m not ready to be responsible for that.

But the thing is, literally any writing piece published online is a blog. Anything from Joe-Shmo to the editorial board of the New York Times. It’s funny because despite their average viewership, both play by similar rules online. Both have tremendous power to influence a vulnerable online audience.

You don’t have money if you don’t have clicks. And boy, does drama sell.

The real reason I’m fearful of blogs is because of their efficiency. The fundamental source behind blogs is clicks. Which means blogs require quickness and efficiency. This means that if you break the first tweet or post with big news, you publicize it ASAP. Drama sells. Because of this, if any journalist claims to have “Breaking News” but doesn’t release  immediately, there’s a 95% chance they’re lying.

It’s why when Rachel Maddow touted that she had Trump’s tax returns, I was the first to call bullshit.

Even if she did suddenly get her hands on that paper, the taxes would’ve been published on Twitter immediately. And as it turns out *shocker* my prediction was correct. She didn’t have the president’s tax returns at all. Unless, of coarse, you count his 2005 tax returns. 


I’m not trying to brag and I’m sorry if it sounds like I am. What I’m doing is trying to shine a bright light on how unhinged this media system is.

The new media is scary and fun. Normal people have the same influence as news channels, and honestly I’m a bit worried. Anyone could take down an individual simply by word of mouth, and I’m being completely serious. 

Regardless of your opinion always question breaking news. You never know anymore.

Even if it’s from me.

How To Convince The World



It’s still winter, isn’t it? Oh boy.

I don’t like to complain because it’s pointless. But let me vent for you.

If you live somewhere warm, congrats. If you don’t, let me share with you why I hate “Climate Change”. It’s not because of species dying or the arctic melting. It’s much more personal.

The temperature outside my house is hovering around -10 degrees, including windchill. Yes. -10 degrees. Even with my car’s heat on full blast it’s still freezing. Which means if I want to drive anywhere or do anything, I need to bundle up like the arctic.

It’s total bullshit. It’s March. Let the flowers sprout and snow melt. Blasts of razor cold wind dries my skin and I feel like a captive in my own home.

So what about Climate Change, you ask?

I’m 99% confident if the world noticed climate change on a personal level they’d become overnight believers. Maybe it’s their house being flooded or their crops turning brown. It doesn’t really matter. A theory is just a theory until it happens to you. Then it’s personal.

And it’s already happening. This Tuesday, Massachusetts is expected to receive 12-18 inches of snow. Try to explain that to climate skeptics.

I’m not advocating you flood a house of spoil crops, because I’m not crazy. That being said, if global warming is as dangerous as the majority of scientists suggest, I’m afraid that people won’t care until it’s too late.

Fear is the best persuader. And if climate scientists want to convince a scared public, they better get to it. And quickly.