Saudi Arabia First!


We’re not the world’s police. Fighting other country’s wars lead to wasted resources, mounting debt, and dead American soldiers.

Yet, like a malignant tumor, we can’t seem to just pack up and leave the Middle East.

I was optimistic when the President announced his intent to withdraw from Syria last week. Anyone observing the abysmal results of America’s failed democratic experiments would agree that pulling out of the Syria is welcomed news.

And then a gas attack happened. So it’s suddenly our job to intervene – apparently.

Speaking of US intervention, here’s a crazy statistic: The United States has close to 200,000 troops in other countries. We have 34,000 troops  in Germany, 12,000 troops in Italy, 2,200 troops in Turkey, and more spread like butter around the globe.


What good does this do? Do we feel any safer? How do we benefit from guarding other countries who’s citizens don’t even appreciate our presents there?

Hell, even NATO (which is suppose to be our strongest multi-national defense coalition) fail to pay their fair share. Only 5 out of 28 NATO countries are paying what they’re suppose to. Totally unacceptable.

Not only are we the largest contributor to NATO, we also foot the bill for their defense.

Perhaps during the Cold War this would make sense. It certainly doesn’t in the 21st century and we have the receipts to show it.

Instead of protecting our own interests, our own borders, and our own citizens, we have to dabble in every world conflict. Dead Americans fighting proxy wars for countries who hate us.

Not only have we sacrificed American lives, we’ve also contributed the world’s largest power vacuum. We’ve destabilized Iraq and sold weapons to Saudi Arabia who routinely funds terrorist groups and murders children in Yemen.

Even if you don’t count the 180,000 dead as a result of war – what else have we gained?

Pride? Unless you count 4,486 dead Americans honorable. Money? Unless you count the 2.4 Trillion dollars in debt racked up from nation building while our own infrastructure crumbles. Respect? The world hates us.

All this said – I’m confident the president will make the right decision regarding Syria and the Middle East as a whole.

We were never meant to be there. We still aren’t meant to be there.

Stop fighting Saudi Arabia and Israel’s proxy wars.

Bring our troops home.









Betting My Life Savings on Crypto

Taking big risks isn’t my thing.

Working for minimum wage in High School, I managed to save $10,000 over 2 years.   This meant working 20 – 25 hour weeks after school. Very hard work, but the payout payed off.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my overhead covered (food, water, and housing) which meant I could afford not going broke.

After working so much, you might wonder why I’m betting half that on crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I won’t bore you with fundamentals because that’s not fun. Instead, let me tell you the future I predict with crypto-currency.


You will never drive again. Cars will be automated to the point where driving will be a hobby instead of a necessity. These cars will drive themselves and be operated using smart contracts. The ‘Uber’ model will be used but instead of driver’s reaping the benefits, individual cars will operate and compete as their own private companies.

Governments will have to scrap their tax collecting, or very seriously change it. This is because very few countries will continue to use their national currencies as payment methods. Which means that things like roads, bridges, schools etc. will be funded by private corporations or by volunteer donations from the citizens of the country.

No large conflict will ever happen, as inflation and tax collecting will no longer be feasible by large governments. Poverty rates around the world will drop significantly as money becomes easier to transfer in the absence of Governments and local restriction fees.

OKAY – So why the big bet?

If this takes over the world I’ll be rich. If it doesn’t, I’m young enough where I can keep working and makes businesses and etc. Either way I learn something and keep trying to pursue my goals.

The fact is: This is an opportunity I doubt I’ll ever see again in my lifetime. The time of change this will bring excites me just to think about.

Hopefully this big bet will pay off.

Or I lose everything and wind up on the street. Meh.

The Case For Blind Optimism

The mind has a funny way of making mountains out of molehills.

I’ve found that 70% of the problems I have on an average day are imaginary. They don’t exist. They aren’t physical. They aren’t real.

That’s not to say every difficulty can be thought away. For example; tests have to be taken and relationships have to be tended. Many problems are indeed real. All I’m suggesting is that the majority of them aren’t.

So the question becomes, “if my mind controls that much of my life, why not take the wheel and throw the bad problems overboard?”.

And when your mindset transforms from “I have all these problems and will never succeed” into “Everything is fine and I will be okay”, two things can happen. Either A.) You’ll be fine, or B.) You won’t.

But here’s the thing; If you’re totally screwed anyways, why not highlight the best case scenario? Wouldn’t that at the very least increase your rate of happiness?

On a negative mindset you expect the worst already. Any sad person knows this. So if your mindset is positive, even in the darkest of scenarios, isn’t that a better deal?

Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m 100% positive that you’re thinking can make a big difference. Life has only supported this.




The Problem With Loser Quotes

In only two weeks college starts. I thought it’s important to pickup dorm decorations and posters. And so I went shopping.

A dorm-room poster, first of all, was an absolute must. Not something too specific or meaningful – just something exciting enough not to make eyes sore.

I’m not a picky guy.

But why does every poster in the store look like it was handed out with a participation trophy? They had big posters with powerful bold fonts. Like a STOP sign but with a quote instead of a command.

Except every “motivational quote” seemed hand picked for losers. Some examples include: “Whatever Hurts You Makes You Stronger”, “Don’t Give Up! You’re Almost There…”, and my personal favorite, “It Doesn’t Matter If You Fail As Long As You Try”.

You might be wondering why I’m making fun of innocent posters. I’m making fun of them because they’re wrong.

It actually matters a lot if you fail and still try. It means something went wrong and you can augment that problem until you do better. This idea that “as long as you try, you’ll win” is total bullshit.

I don’t want to hang something that makes me second-guess myself when viewed. That totally defeats the point of a motivational poster.

Don’t get me wrong – a quote is a quote and whatever encourages motivation is good.

But personally – I prefer some clear cut quotes with lions, tigers, and other crazy dope animals surrounding it. In fact, while I’m writing this there’s a poster directly in front of me.

It say’s “FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD.” It has a lion on it.

Now THAT is badass.



Feisty Flags (Part 3 – Results)


Haven’t read part 1 or part 2 yet? You’ll probably be confused.

Read them first.

This has been a fun!

It’s been a few weeks running an online business. I’ve spent money and earned money. Time to tally the results and see what I’ve got.

My monthly sales are $277. Fucking fantastic.

You might think that’s a bad result. Maybe you think that I should be earning more money. Maybe my money spent on building an email list stifles my profit margin. And you’re not wrong.

But here’s the important thing: The arrow is pointed in the right direction. That’s important because I went from making $0/month to $277/month. In addition to working 20 hours a week on the side. That’s not bad for a beginner.

In terms of physical product – I won’t reveal how much these flags cost to manufacture (for my business’ sake). But it’s a GREAT profit margin.

And what about pricing? $35 is a great price for a custom flag. Anyone who disagrees is misinformed.

Why am I writing this?

No clue.

I like to imagine using them as resources 30 years from now living in a California mansion smoking a blunt with my model wife.

Or at the very least – as a written affirmation. The truth is like a fog and I’m trying to navigate through it with better systems. Writing out the business process seems like a good idea.

Maybe only 20 email subscribers will read this.

Oh well. Hope you enjoy it!